More encouraging feedback from a student on our Distance
Learning Course. It is exciting when people spontaneously get
in touch to tell us how much one of our activities means to
them. Oana Goiceanu is working at the
Art Therapy Centre ‘Doina Pocioanu’ in Timisoara.
She is inspired by the way in which music is enabling her to make
powerful connections with a groups of children in nursery
settings. She wrote:

I am so grateful for the support I receive from this course each month. It helps me so much and I want to thank you for it.

All the students are now preparing for their supervised
practical assignment, the final part of the course which
follows monthly online tutorials and written assignments.
It’s a demanding course and requires time, energy and staying power
of the students. We never fail to be impressed by the
students’ commitment to learning new techniques they can use
to improve what is available to young children with disabilities
in Romania today.