We are delighted to welcome 8 new Romanian practitioners to our Distance Learning Programme, from Cluj to Constanta, Covasna to Câmpia Turzii, and a number of other places along the way. Our new students will be receiving monthly online tutorials and sending us written assignments in response over the next 7 months. COVID allowing, we will then meet in person for the Intensive Study Training – an opportunity to develop practical music skills – before the students embark on the final, practical stage of the course in the autumn. This is the point when they run a series of regular music sessions for young children with disabilities, to put their learning into practice and, with supervision, develop their confidence to continue to run music sessions into the future. Alongside our new students, there are a few of our students from last year who have yet to complete their Practical Assignments due to COVID disruptions before Christmas. We have been so impressed by their tenacity, commitment and patience and look forward to working with them towards the completion of the course. Good luck to them all!