Music Therapist Nina Cherla visited The Autism Research and Multidisciplinary School (ARMS) in Hyderabad earlier this year to see if the teachers wanted any help developing their use of music. Staff at the school undertook Music as Therapy Introductory Training, led by music therapists Alastair Robertson and Somesh Purey in 2015 and have been running weekly music groups ever since. The teachers have been pleased to tell us that these have led to positive changes in their students’ behaviour, such as improved communication and listening skills. Nina had the chance to observe some of their music sessions and talk to the teachers about the things they felt were going well and the areas where they were less confident. She followed this, last month, by providing a day of Additional Training for seven members of the ARMS staff team, striving to both inspire and guide them in taking their work with music to the next level. It’s always exciting to see the long term impact of our introductory training – ARMS have successfully maintained a music programme themselves for three years – and we look forward to continuing to support with their music programme. Our thanks to Nina for helping us to do this.