Last month, we had the pleasure of speaking to Margaret Corcoran, an Interactive Music-Maker, about her experience of training in IMM and using music with young children. Margaret, a Teaching Assistant (TA), first trained in Interactive Music-Making in 2013. Since then, she has been using her skills at Maytree Nursery and Children’s Centre in Lambeth to support vulnerable children, giving them meaningful musical experiences, while sharing interactive music concepts with colleagues to embed music in wider nursery life. In this Story, Margaret tells us about her experience of IMM: how it felt to train all those years ago, how she’s used her skills to support both children and colleagues, and how she is adapting her use of music during the global pandemic. You can read the full Story here.

‘It is a privilege to support vulnerable young children this way. Having this chat has given me that buzz about IMM and music again!’

Many thanks to Margaret for sharing her IMM Story. If you are interested in becoming an Interactive Music-Maker, or have your own Story to share, please do get in touch. And don’t forget we have a separate, dedicated IMM site: