We are delighted to launch a new resource born out of our work in Romania, Rwanda and Georgia last year, but highly relevant to music therapists, students, educators, health professionals and the wider public worldwide:

Our Research Summary is a unique 175-page publication which summarises current music therapy research in a comprehensive and accessible way. It was put together with the aim to provide an overview of what music therapy is and the research and evidence which demonstrates its value to people facing a range of challenges throughout life. We hope this resource helps to answer the questions: What is Music Therapy? How does it work and what evidence do we have?

The spiral bound resource details the evidence base underpinning current music therapy practice and provides detailed information on the research studies which have produced the evidence. Focus is given to five client groups: Young Children, people living with autism, people with learning disabilities, people suffering from mental illnesses and people living with dementia. Alongside the evidence base, we include guidance for wider reading.