I spotted today an article on the BBC News website by Chris
Rogers – a reporter with a longstanding association with Romania
and, in particular, Romanian orphans. What intererested me in
what he had written was his observations of the transformation that
has taken place in one former orphanage in Cighid. The
conditions in this institution shocked the world when photographs
of its neglected children emerged twenty years ago, but it is
a very different place now. He attributes much of the change
to the dynamic director, Oarcea Pavel, with whom we were delighted
to work when we took a six-week introductory music therapy
project to staff working with the children in Cighid back in
2002. Chris Rogers observes the children now
have musical instruments… these were donated by
Music as Therapy! I’m tempted to try and track him
down and let him know they don’t just have musical
instruments, they have a fully functioning therapeutic music
programme which we have received reports on for the
last seven years! Read more: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8425001.stm