We are extremely thrilled to finally start sharing our International Partner Survey Report. After inviting our Partners around the world in 2019/20 to complete a survey so we can understand more about the impact of their initial Introductory Training projects, we have finished consolidating our Partners’ feedback and created this report. This report also champions local achievements, and highlights our Partners’ pride in their work and the impact of their music sessions.

Parts of the report will be shown over the coming weeks and to start off, here are the first few pages so you can learn more about why we invited our Partners to complete a survey, and read a global overview of our Partners’ feedback and some key learnings.

Click here to see the first few pages of our International Partner Survey Report

In the next few weeks we will share some more pages of the report (both in English and our Partners’ local languages), which present more details of our Partners’ feedback from each country we work in. Enjoy reading the beginning of the report and keep an eye out for when the other pages of the report are shared in the coming weeks!