Our BBC Radio 4 charity appeal is now live!

You can now listen to award-winning actor and long-time supporter Imelda Staunton CBE present our appeal on the BBC Radio 4 Appeal website!

The success of this Appeal is dependent on your support so please, please help in whatever way you can.

How you can help

Listen, Donate & Share!


You can listen to our appeal at any time between 13th and 17th October on the BBC Radio 4 Appeal website, or tune in to any of our broadcasts during the week on BBC Radio 4.

Here are the broadcast times again:

Sunday 13 October at 07:55
Sunday 13 October at 21:25
Thursday 17 October at 15:25


The success of our appeal depends on you, so please give whatever you can. Every donation we receive makes a difference, no matter the size.

You can make a donation via the BBC Radio 4 Appeal website here:


If you have a social media account please share our posts or post your own message in support. To help spread the word please feel free to use the suggested post below:

Please join me in supporting Music as Therapy International’s Radio 4 Appeal this week. Listen online and donate whatever you can here: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00099wg#R4Appeal

Please also ‘Follow’ and ‘Like’ our Facebook and Twitter accounts and re-tweet and share any of our Radio 4 Appeal posts! You can do the same with the BBC Charity Appeals page as they will post about our Appeal too.

Thank you for your support!