We were delighted to hear from one of our Local Partners at the
Public School No 200 in Tbilisi who shared her observations about
the impact music was having on a young boy in her sessions…

Six months of musical therapy has been successful. The children who were involved in the musical therapy sessions have changed a lot. They are not stressed, they are more communicable, and they became more open in relations with peers and elders. Musical sessions are held once a week in the room which was
made especially for these events. The children attend the sessions with pleasure. After Alastair and Sarah’s visit we added one more pupil, as we think that musical therapy would assist the
pupil’s emotional development. The result is unbelievable. ‘G’ is often unsociable and inadequate; his emotions are incomprehensible for almost everybody. The sessions have influenced him positively and everybody noticed that. We want to mention that musical therapy had a very good result on children’s positive changes.