Since our first COVID-19 statement at the end of March, our ability to deliver our international activities has been further disrupted by the pandemic.

We have reviewed all the projects we had in development, being delivered or scheduled for delivery across the nine countries where we work. Each country is at a very different stage of this crisis and so our actions have been informed by the varied local context with respect to lockdowns, school and care setting closures, social distancing, restrictions on international travel and the vulnerability of many with whom we work. We are working hard to adapt proposed activities, to listen to our partners’ current needs so we can be confident any support we offer is responsive and does not add to the burden of care for those who find themselves on the frontline of healthcare efforts. You might be interested to read this blog about our recent experiences.

Despite this, it remains currently viable to work towards the delivery of 17 projects benefiting people who live or work in 167 care settings in 9 countries. Subject to our monitoring of the considerations mentioned above, our training or support could still reach as many as 427 members of staff and create opportunities for up to 20,844 vulnerable children and adults to access music (42% in the UK, 58% overseas). However, the development and/or delivery of at least 12 of these projects remain vulnerable to deferral into 2021 or cancellation of activities may become necessary.

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