Our Director, Alexia, is giving a presentation entitled “Skill-sharing in partnership for a sustainable impact: Scope and Limitations” [Saturday, 10.25-11.00] and is part of a roundtable discussions with Grace Meadows (Music for Dementia), Dr Ming Hung-Hsu (MHA) & Prof Helen Odell-Miller (Anglia Ruskin University) entitled “Embedding music into the care of people living with dementia: Sharing experiences of collaboration.” [Sunday, 2.50-3.25pm].  But the whole weekend is filled with stimulating presentations, workshops and discussion for a, all hosted on an interactive platform. There are social spaces online too so please come and find Alexia if you want to know more about Music as Therapy International or you want to tell us about your own work. Here is some more information and there is still time to book your place!