Locally-Led Training

Once our Local Partners have received Training for Trainers, they can begin to skill share with other care staff. Whilst the training is delivered independently of Music as Therapy International, our Local Partners have often sought support and guidance from us as they develop their training resources.

This locally led training enables music therapy to reach far more people than we could manage on our own. Importantly, it also creates a sustainable model run independently by local people with first hand experience of the challenges faced when embedding music therapy techniques as a new way of working. Whenever possible we help our Local Partners promoting the training courses they offer and signpost people, in any of the countries where we work, who get in touch with us to find out more about music therapy to local trainers from within our network.

"I was happy with the training I provided because I was able to help a Romanian association which asked to learn about music therapy to help children with special needs. Also music teachers who work with pupils with autism came to learn how musical activities can help." (Local Partner/Trainer)

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