News from Bethlehem 4

Posted in Blog on 8th November 2009

It’s 8th November, a warm Sunday evening, and we’ve now completed the first week of Music as Therapy sessions. We’re very pleased with the way things are going, and are beginning to be able to use the individual styles of the trainees to inform the activities... Read on

News from Bethlehem 3

Posted in Blog on 5th November 2009

Every day in Bethlehem brings some fantastic new experiences. Our timetables are sorted for the Music as Therapy training sessions and we are thrilled with the SOS staff that we will be working with. It fills us with confidence to be working with such enthusiastic... Read on

News from Bethlehem 2

Posted in Blog on 1st November 2009

BLOG 2Hannah and I have now had the chance to really settle in here in the Village, and feel part of the family.Unfortunately the meetings we set up to sort out the sessions and training have had to be changed for various reasons, so we now have 2 meetings tomorrow... Read on

News from Bethlehem 1

Posted in Blog on 1st November 2009

Liz and I arrived in Tel Aviv on Saturday 24th October and have been in Bethlehem now for four days. In some ways it does feel like we have been here for much longer however, in others I think it is only just sinking in. We have experienced a wealth of new things... Read on

Project Bethlehem

Posted in Projects on 29th October 2009

Project Bethlehem has began!Music Therapist, Liz Coombes and her 'Assistant, musician Hannah McCabe travelled to Bethlehem on the 24th October to deliver a six week skill-sharing project for staff and children at the SOS Children's Village and School. They were... Read on

Project Bethlehem

Posted in Projects on 14th October 2009

The Briefing Day went really well. Liz and Hannah now have all the details of the Project and are completely up to date. They are both very excited, if not a little nervous about their forthcoming adventure. We, on the other hand are completely confident that... Read on

Current Fundraising Events

Posted in Fundraising Events on 1st October 2009

We don't have any more fundraising events planned for this year, but if you would like to be on the mailing list for future events or would like to speak to Music as Therapy International about organising your own event, please send an email to cleojordan@musicastherapy... Read on


Posted in Recruitment on 1st October 2009

The recruitment process for Project Bethlehem 2009 is now over, and Music as Therapy International is not currently recruiting for any more projects this year. To be informed of any recruitment opportunities and to subscribe to our mailing list please send and... Read on

Strategy and Plan

Posted in Projects on 20th September 2009

Our Trustees meet on a quarterly basis. We use the time to discuss projects in the pipeline and plans for the future, always alongside a review of our financial position and an evaluation of our fundraising. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 6th January... Read on

Project Bethlehem

Posted in Projects on 20th September 2009

The MasT International team are looking forward to the Briefing Day on Saturday 26th September when the volunteers and all Project Partners will be really looking at the preparation for the project in detail. This is when it starts to feel real! Read on

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