Well we have got there!! the hand over day of our project in Abbeyfield Care Home in Ballachulish. For the past 8 weeks or so I have made the 50 mile round trip to Ballachulish, mostly in the rain it has to be said, where i have been met with a warm welcome each time. Today i was delighted to hand out certificates to 3 successful staff who have all shown their competences in delivering sessions. Bev proving she could do both individual and group and in fact as I left today Bev and Paul had nearly 20 residents singing and playing instruments together, it was just fantastic to see:-)

I also observed some wonderful individual work today. Kate was working with a lady who can be quite challenging and I couldn’t believe it when she began laughing and chuckling at the tambourine Kate played, or when the end of the session came and she told her firmly she was not to go. Bev too had a great session this morning engaging a with a resident in singing and playing on the xylophone , it was so lovely to see her calm and connected with Bev as apposed to her often agitated and confused state. Jesse too received a certificate and whilst i didn’t see him at work today, I have seen him lead sessions with people who come in just for daycare and have been very impressed and I know the day care residents just love the sessions.

These are the moments why we do this and why Music As Therapy is so successful and why we need to be rolling this training out to all care homes across the country. There is so much need and work to be done with potentially amazing results.

So 3 centres now in Lochaber with staff trained in the therapeutic principles of music therapy…it’s exciting and very rewarding.

Well done Abbeyfield! Keep up the excellent work.