In her final blog, Susanna reflects on the progress made by our newest partners at Chelsea Court Place and shares some exciting news for the future:

The training at Chelsea Court Place has come to an end and I would like to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to all the staff who have participated. They’ve all done amazingly well and shown real commitment to the project. The wonderful responses in the groups from some of the residents over the past few weeks are testimony to the skill and enthusiasm of the staff.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to all get together for the last day due to some staff being on annual leave, but you can see three of the wonderful team here with their certificates – so proud of you ladies!

One of the hopes of Chelsea Court Place was that our work together would enable them to better understand the role of music and the different ways it can support their residents at different stages of their dementia journey. This insight has led them to commission individual music therapy for one particular resident, who is not able to participate in the music groups they will continue to run, but for whom they can see specialist support is needed. I’m delighted that this will mean I will continue to visit Chelsea Court Place!