Congratulations to the three teachers in Myanmar who have just completed a Supervised Practice project with us: Eh Poe, Eh Eh and Kyai. Over the summer they have been running regular music sessions for young children with additional needs and documenting their work each week. We have been reviewing their notes, looking at their videos and Music Therapist Tsvia Horesh has provided supervision and support.

[The children] were quite enthusiastic in activities; it did make me happy to lead the session as well.

Eh Poe

It was very helpful to have lots of tips from the replies of my supervision questions in such challenging moments. [One child] always struggle to share his stuffs with others, but he starts to share them with others, friendship between them grow stronger than before and they have built their trust with the teacher as well.

Eh Eh

Tsvia had trained and supervised us in Music Therapy before but now under the distance supervision of Tsvia and Alexia we could ask questions and conduct the sessions according to their advice which makes me more confident and feel that it is more effective for the children.


We are now talking to our Local Partners to understand better what local demand there is for our training and support in order to plan our activities for next year.

If you would like to support our activities in Myanmar next year, see how you can here.