As we get into the swing of things maybe we have reached a
tipping point. As everyone finds their place within the simple
structures of the music sessions they begin to assert themselves
and test the space. The tension between individual and group comes
to the foreground, or are we just becoming more aware of it? The
wish to modify behaviour by reward is the first stop – can we
resist it and stay with the process allowing everyone to have a
voice, are we strong enough?

Another holiday is sprung upon us. It seems the local holidays
can be changed or decided upon according to need almost at the last
moment. Somesh explains that the local governing bodies are more
flexible with holidays taking account of the weather conditions and
needs of the various religions. There is method…

At Patashala, where communication is more of a challenge there
was a wonderful moment of collective spontaneous decisiveness by
the teachers. When we asked the them if they would like to see the
video, discuss issues they had been facing within sessions, or do
musical exercises there was a sudden clear group choice to do the
musical exercises. We were encouraged by their enthusiasm and
assertiveness. As we go through a music activity and play with
“following and leading” it becomes clear that using
music is by far the best form of communication.

Who is teaching who we wonder ?

Later Somesh quoted Einstein “Learning is
experience. Everything else is just information.”

The various Ganesh processions have taken place in the streets
accompanied by drumming and dancing well into the night. However as
not all the power cables were cleared or raised the power went down
for several hours, which of course just added to the festival
atmosphere and chaos.

Alastair & Somesh