We’re now over halfway through our trip and into the
fourth week of the six week programme. The staff have begun to take
a more active role in the sessions; they have started leading
activities, and take a lively interest in discussing the needs of
individuals and groups with regard to Interactive Music Making.

This week, in addition to our usual timetable, we were filmed
running a music therapy group and then interviewed by a film crew
from Brazil who are making a documentary about the work of Rwanda
Aid, our hosts. They observed us with an energetic group of deaf
children, using different interactive musical activities based on
body movement, dancing and visual cues. It was clear to see how
much the children relished having their turn to lead the group, and
as Rwanda Aid were involved in the building of the new centre at
Ngwino Nawe, they found it very moving to see the children having
such a positive experience.

To coincide with the Brazilians’ stay David, the head of Rwanda Aid, organised another musical evening. As last time, this saw a fantastic mixture of international musical offerings, including a local Rwandan dance troupe and choir, Brazilian songs, flamenco dancing, group vocal improvisation and folk music from Yorkshire. We were no better at the Rwandan dancing than last time!

The week ended with staff from both centres coming for another training session on Friday. This time seems to be providing a really good opportunity for the staff to get to know each other and learn from each others’ work. The staff at Nkanka composed a goodbye song, which they shared with us all, so we’ll close with the lyrics
(our own phonetic spellings; apologies to you Kinyarwanda speakers
out there!).

tuzengiera tubonane

we’ll see each other again

Nicky and