Our Local Trainers in Rwanda are going back to Muhanga district next month to deliver their third and final series of Locally-Led Training events. 14 members of staff from 7 different centres located in 6 districts throughout Rwanda will be invited to participate in the coming training. From the map above you can see in which districts the participating centres are located.

By providing our Local Trainers with support to deliver this third series, so they can share their music skills and provide participating staff with resources (musical instruments), could potentially create the opportunity for 653 children and young people to access new music sessions at the participating centres.

It has been over the last two years, starting in 2020 after we could not travel to Rwanda due to Covid restrictions, in which our Local Trainers have taken great initiative with driving their own music programmes forward. This is a great example of our approach to Capacity Strengthening and you can read more about the first series delivered in Muhanga district here. The second series of training was delivered in 2021 in Rusizi district where our Local Trainers are based and our Local Trainers put together and published online videos of their training, which can be viewed here.

We are looking forward to sharing an update of our Local Trainers’ third training once it is delivered, which you can stay on top of (and of all other charity updates) here.