On Friday, Teleri, Liz and I flew from Luton airport and eventually arrived in Beit Sahour, in Palestine. It’s an amazing place
– people are warm and friendly, the sky is a sheer blue, the
buildings an extreme mix of ancient and modern… and
the driving is insane!

Teleri and I share a wonderful house made entirely of white stone, which keeps the inside cool and airy. We have been made so welcome by the schools; their enthusiasm for the project is huge, and they smooth the way at every turn. So many staff members are involved and are willing to take part wholeheartedly – I can’t wait to
begin the work.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you as we begin the project,
and see where it takes us. Many thanks to you all for your
kind thoughts and wishes, prayers and donations of time and

Hazel & Teleri