Last month, Antigoni visited us at our office for work experience and was able to learn more about music therapy as a profession, about Music as Therapy International and what is involved in the operations of the charity. Antigoni heard about the charity from one of our Advisory Panel members and reach out so she could gain new connections and more knowledge about the music therapy field. We asked Antigoni to answer a few questions to help her to reflect on what she had learnt from spending some time with the team, and this is what she had to say:

I have learnt that patience is key when dealing with the development and growth of a charity. Also, one of the most important factors that make a charity successful is cooperation. Seeing the members of the charity cooperate and communicating about the task and goals they have to achieve, made me realise that success and growth requires a tremendous amount of determination and team working.

Antigoni also shared with us what had left the biggest impression on her from the work experience:

What has impressed me the most, is how the organisation values the culture of each country they are working with. One example is the translation of documents in the native language of each one of their partners and the adjustment of email responses to match the way their partners would like to communicate in English. This amount of respect shown from Music as Therapy International towards their partners shows a great level of professionalism.

Our team were also able to benefit from having an extra hand to help out with some tasks for our UK Programme and fundraising. It was fantastic that Antigoni had tremendously helped us to turn CDs into £78.38! And here is Antigoni’s reflections about the significance of fundraising:

My work experience has taught me that £5 can make a huge difference. Even the smallest amount of money matters and will help the charity continue their valuable work.