This past month has seen all of our lives change dramatically. Our Interactive Music-Making students all work with young children and many of them are key workers. They are currently completing the second part of our course, when they undertake Practical Assignments (running interactive music-making groups for some of their children) and then report back on their experiences. Of course this has now been disrupted, but it is important they still have the chance to complete the course and all their work to date doesn’t go to waste.

Their Presentation Day, usually the culmination of the Practical Assignment, can no longer go ahead. However, we have been impressed by their adaptability: They are all preparing to video themselves doing their presentations, while also working hard to complete their Portfolios. Good luck to them all!

Our next Interactive Music-Making Course is still scheduled to start in September 2020. If you are interested in finding out more, have a look at our dedicated website, or send an email to