All three care settings in Ethiopia where we first delivered Introductory Training about 3 years ago, still continue using music independently to this day, and their response to our survey indicate how music has been significantly beneficial for vulnerable people across the lifespan. You can now read the few pages from our International Partner Survey Report that present our Ethiopian Partners’ responses.

Similar to what we did for some of our Partners in other countries, we translated a few pages of the report into the national language of Ethiopia, known as Amharic, which was shared with our Ethiopian Partners. You can also read the Amharic version by clicking the button below. Or it can also be read in English below.

የተወሰነውን ያህል ደግሞ በአማርኛ ያንብቡ

Click here to read our Ethiopian Partners’ feedback

The first few pages of the report can be read in English here.