Originally created for caregivers in India, ‘Music Helps’ is a flexible, online training tool, designed to inspire and equip caregivers to use music to facilitate interaction with people living with dementia within daily care. The training currently includes guidance, videos, exercises, and resources, to help caregivers understand the role music can play in the care of people living with dementia, whilst also considering the role of music for carers’ personal wellbeing.

The original course was carefully tailored to an Indian audience. But could it be relevant to the multicultural care workforce in the UK (with adaptation of course)?

To investigate this ­encouraged by Grace Meadows from the Music for Dementia campaign ­ we have put together a questionnaire for care home managers. They are well placed to tell us more about current demand for music training. We are especially interested to know more about prior experience of using music in dementia care, what further skills might be of interest, and key considerations when seeking out staff training.

If this applies to you, we would love to hear your views! To take part in our 5-minute care home managers’ survey, please click here.

Or, if you are interested to know more and would like to participate in our more detailed 5-15 minute care home managers’ survey, click here.

Thank you!