This year we are offering all our Partners in Romania a few opportunities to support their music programmes. We have carefully thought of the ways we can support our Partners after listening to some of their responses to the international Partner survey in 2020 (a full report of the survey can be viewed here and the Romanian version can be read here). Below are the available opportunities, including details of what they entail:

Promotion Fund: We recognise how promoting a music programme can be important to develop an organisation’s reach, or even advance music as therapy on a wider scale. But we also understand that this can be challenging to do. So, inspired by our Georgian Partners’ recent tv appearance and reflecting on our own experiences, we will be offering our Romanian Partners the Promotion Fund to help progress our Partners’ promoting efforts. We will be sharing with our Partners at a later date more information about the Promotion Fund, including resources that will mention approaches such as contacting local papers, commissioning professional photography, running a campaign and using social media. Some more information about why we have developed this fund (which is also called our international PR fund), can be found here.

Musical Instruments Fund: We all know that musical instruments are key to using music. But even with good care sometimes instruments can become damaged over time if constantly used, or sometimes there are not enough musical instruments available as music programmes develop. Therefore, this Musical Instrument Fund is to give practitioners who currently use or wish to use music the opportunity to replace broken instruments or to improve on the resources they already have. (If you are interested in applying for musical instruments, here is the application form in Romanian; and you can look at this catalogue if you are unsure of what musical instruments are available).  

Speak to a Music Therapist:  Some Partners suggested in their response to the international Partner survey that speaking to a music therapist about their music programme would be helpful. An online meeting with a music therapist (up to an hour) could be a good chance for our Partners to ask for new ideas for someone in their music sessions or someone new who they would like to try using music with.  Or some of our Partners might have had some difficulties in their sessions which a music therapist might be able to help resolve. Or maybe there are just other queries which could be discussed with a music therapist.

New resources: Last year we created a few resources in Romanian which we also shared with our Partners (Musical Activities for Adults with Learning Disabilities and People Living with Dementia). But maybe our Partners would like a resource on another specific area or client group that we have not created yet. So we are pleased to have invited our Romanian Partners to share any suggestions for new recourses.

Tell us your story: We know the significance of sharing stories as it is a valuable opportunity to think about one’s own work with using music, to recall how things were in the beginning, how they are now and to inform the future. A story could be about a Partner’s journey and experiences with using music or about someone in their music sessions. We love hearing our Partners’ stories and we always welcome anyone who wants to share with us. There are two ways to tell us a story: either as written, or by verbally telling a team member (in either Romanian or English). Depending on our Partner’s story and their wishes, their story could also feature in the Stories section on our website!

Other support from us: It may be that some of our Partners would actually like our support in a way that we have not already mentioned. So we have also invited any of our Romanian Partners to tell us how we can help them, including details of what help is needed, why and who will benefit.

We hope that the above opportunities will be appealing to our Partners in Romania and we will be sharing updates about any support we provide our Partners throughout the year, so watch this space…

Let us know if you are interested in an opportunity

If you are one of our existing Romanian Partners and would like your music programme to benefit from any of the above opportunities, please tell us more below.