We are delighted to share some feeback received this month from our Local Partners working in two care settings in India.

It’s yet another example of how our commitment to Sustainability means our Introductory Training projects have an impact long after our team has left! (Alastair Robertson and Somesh Purey worked to deliver the original Introductory Training project back in 2015).

Thank you so much…. For following us again…
Music therapy at PATASHALA is wonderful…. We have seen change over time in a few children… We are using the music programme daily in our classes… Quite good for small children like age 3 to 6 years.. I am personally happy about this… Thanking you.


Thank you for your support and cooperation with our children’s with special needs. Yes, for 2 years we are implementing music therapy sessions with four groups. And also running individual sessions. Our children are benefiting in various aspects from this therapy.


Read more about our work in India here.