“Hello everyone – I have been really missing seeing you and also seeing the residents and service users in person over the past year. So do come along to this zoom if you can – we don’t have to talk about music, I’d just love to hear how you’ve been doing”


On Wednesday, Clare Reynolds held an online catch up with some of our partners in the Highlands, all of whom have worked with her during skill-sharing projects over the years and have continued using music within their care activities ever since. We were so pleased to see Mandy (a volunteer music practitioner, who participated in the skill-sharing project at Invernevis but also works at Moss Park, running singing groups) and Bev (an Abbeyfield practitioner who first worked with us way back in 2017 and has been running music sessions ever since!). 

This was a great catch up and it was so good to hear how everyone has been coping over the past year, from lots of different perspectives – Bev being inside a care setting, and the rest of us on the outside but with different types of roles. Everyone was really keen to keep music going and we reminisced on our own personal journeys with music and the different ways it has been relevant and helpful over the past difficult year, whether in singing circles, recorded music, or dedicated 1-1s with certain residents. We agreed that music has meant much for the residents who take part in groups but that that connection and joy extends to the people running the session too.  

A huge thank you to Mandy for sharing Luminate – for all of our Scottish partners and supporters, this is a Dementia Inclusive Singing Network operating in Scotland. Get involved and have a look at their resources on their website: https://singing.luminatescotland.org/  For partners elsewhere in the UK, though many resources are oriented toward Scottish music, much will be relevant to you too.

And thanks also to Bev, who reminded us how brilliant the music for dementia radio station is for all those working with, or whose loved ones live with, dementia.  Follow the link above to access.  

If you too would like a catch up with a music therapist for your colleagues just let us know (freyagibbs@musicastherapy.org).