As many of you are front-line care workers and educators, we know you will be under a lot of pressure over the course of the unfolding COVID-19 outbreak. It may not be the time for music, where you work. For others, music may still be a useful tool, although you may need to think slightly differently about how you approach it. If working towards goals in structured way isn’t viable right now, you can still use music to achieve enjoyable, attuned moments when the children and adults you support can be creative and feel safe.


The Under 5s

In response to request from one of our partners, we have put together the guidance below. The focus is on young children – in line with the nature of the request – but much will be adaptable for wider client groups (especially the guidance on infection control and adapting activities for infection control).

1. Adapting musical activities to minimise use of musical instruments (infection control)?

2. Preparing a music session for children you don’t know so well

3. Using our Activity Quick Picks to find suitable activities for young children

All guidance above links to the Interactive Music-Making Activities Book (available here).


People living with Dementia

Last year we took part in Dementia-themed BBC Music Day, and this year the BBC Music Team have been putting all their efforts into building a website featuring all of their Dementia and Music resources. Check it out here, including their brilliant Music Memories playlists (spanning genres, decades and cultures), and BBC Memory Radio.
They have also been working hard to put together The One Show Playlist, which was broadcast for the first time on The One Show, last Friday. Find the playlist here, on BBC Sounds. It features the nation’s most uplifting tracks to connect family and friends in isolation. So tune in and share the link with family and friends, however far away we might be from one another!

We’d love to know how you are getting on and what we can do to help you in the challenging weeks ahead. Reply to this email or email directly.