One of our Distance Learning Students in Romania collected some
fantastic feedback from parents of children she had been offering
music sessions to:

I can see the results, she is much more attentive, she concentrates better.
On a music therapy day, when we get home she does her homework (even maths) without any opposition. She is always in a good mood
and she doesn’t find it difficult to finish tasks. She should have therapy before she goes to school.

He is always calm when he leaves [music therapy]. I think this is a true discharge of energy (really this means an emotional release). I
don’t know what we are going to do after [music] therapy is finished. I noticed that his symptoms of anxiety got better, he is calm for two days after a Wednesday.

He counts the days left till [music] therapy day. He talks a lot about the drum. He is aware of
the other children and he feels very well here. His emotional state is much improved.

So exciting to see the Distance Learning Programme translating
into benefits for young children with disabilities in Romania,
benefits observed by the families and not just the people working
with the children.