Training for Trainers

For Local Partners who have experience of running their music programmes over time, we offer further training so they can take on a training role themselves and take a lead on future local skill-sharing. Equipping our Local Partners to become confident trainers is key to building local capacity and ensuring the benefits of music as therapy can be as widely available to as many people as possible.

We have devised a comprehensive training manual to help practitioners develop their skills to train others, which has been used in the UK as well as overseas. We deliver workshops and direct training to accompany this resource. Then, once our Local Partners are developing their own training course, we are always happy to review and discuss their ideas to help them create strong courses, resources and learning experiences through which they may introduce other local practitioners to using music as therapy. In Romania we have created a Kitemark system, through which our Local Partners can gain 'recommended status' from us for their training courses.

"I think I will be able to organize my time so that I can train other people who are interested. During this training I gained guidance and important suggestions on how I can pass on my skills. Learning the theory has made me more confident." (Local Partner)

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